Combined Waste Heat Recovery To Power Generation System


ClearPower Systems innovative Heat To Power Generator Systems generates electricity using heat that is vented to the atmosphere as an unused resource.

This waste heat or money that has already been spent in applications such as generating electricity, distributed energy systems, manufacturing processes, incineration or any other heat source is being lost or just thrown away. The heat to power generator (or waste heat recovery system) uses waste heat to generate electricity to be sold to the grid or used to reduce electrical costs. Our company slogan of “Same Energy – More Power™” is representative of the savings customers’ can expect using the ClearPower system on a heat waste stream to recoup process related cost.

Based on proven Organic Rankine Cycle technology, ClearPower’s heat to power generator and recovery system is uniquely configured using off the shelf technology with a purpose designed expander which guarantees efficiency and low parasitic loss that our competition cannot match.

About the diagram: Circulated working fluid changes state and propels the expander. The generator then spins and creates electricity.

Cost Savings PLUS Environmental Savings

Save Money – Save the Environment by utilizing heat that would be traditionally wasted: Measurable Cost Savings – Measurable Environmental Savings

  • Efficient

    Increases the total electrical generation efficiency of a reciprocating engine based electrical generator or any heat based electrical generating equipment

  • Renewable

    The ClearPower Systems Inc. 50 kw heat to power generator can be used in conjunction with other Green/Renewable energy alternatives such as solar, municipal solid waste, and biomass to produce electrical power

  • Cost Savings Incentive

    ClearPower Systems Inc. heat to power generator system saves you money by using heat energy that is just being vented to the atmosphere and lost. This is energy that has been paid for and yet can still offer a return on that cost through electrical generation for internal consumption or compensated export to the grid

  • Energy

    Highly efficient while operating at a low speed. Our expander uniquely delivers an efficient transfer of thermal energy to electrical energy, at a low speed, without expensive system control electronics

  • Adaptable

    The heat to power generator returns a very attractive return on investment. The unique design of the systems controls and balance of plant equate to lower installed cost

  • Configurable

    The ClearPower System will be pre-packaged to apply to specific heat to power generator applications with minimal added engineering required.